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South Georgia Landscapes

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands can be accessed only by sea from the Falkland Islands after sailing across the stormy sea. The  towering mountains, rocky plateaus, polar climate with the highly variable and harsh weather, low temperatures, high humidity, and heavy snowfalls are the natural factors limiting vegetation to very few species: grasses, some other flowering plants, mosses, lichens and ferns. Liquid water is scarce and comes mostly from melting glaciers. Instead, nature endowed the island generously with wildlife. South Georgia supports many sea birds, including albatross, large colonies of king penguins, petrels, prions and many other bird species some of which are endemic to the island. Seals frequent the islands in spring and summer, the most characteristic being the southern elephant seal - the largest carnivore living today. With all that, South Georgia is probably the most pristine sanctuary in the world, totally isolated from any economic activity and mass tourism.

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