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Urban Golf in India

Golf is often considered a game of the wealthy (which it normally is), but its modern, elitist form evolved from a simple farm game. The essential equipment consists of a crooked stick and balls, and virtually any area can be used as a course. In this way, golf can be played by people from all walks of life. A group of boys living in the slums - some of whom worked as caddies at a nearby golf course - started to play golf a few years ago, developing their own variety of the game. Too poor to afford actual golf clubs and balls, they molded iron rods into usable golf clubs, and they use cheap plastic balls available at toy shops. Apart from this, the golf played by the slum youth has the same rules as the regular game. In a modernizing India, the younger generation is increasingly exposed to Western lifestyles, and sometimes their enthusiasm produces an interesting mix of local traditions and realities with new inspirations.


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