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Pole Dancers

Pole dancing is no longer the preserve of gentlemen's clubs, and became - at least in Western countries - just one of many physical activities that everyone can enjoy, but the connections between pole dance and its sensual roots are still obvious and can create tension and negativity.  Especially in families, a person's decision to enter the career of a professional pole dancers is often subject to preconceptions about the nature of this profession. The modern culture of beauty and body, together with the wider spread of liberal views make it easier for professional dancers to receive full acceptance from their families. For amateurs it's a fitness exercise and a fun in the first place, but also a way to please those whom they care about. In Sydney alone, the "pole dancing community" (most of them actually have a sense of allegiance to a community) reaches 3000. The dancers associated with Bobbi's Pole Dance Studio (a Sydney-based chain of schools teaching pole dancing as fitness) are not afraid of sharing their professional experience with relatives who support them throughout their career and are proud of their personal successes.

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